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Received first Pfizer COVID vaccine on Wednesday 3/17/21. By Saturday, 3/20, I had to pick up my legs to put them in the car.  I was also having excruciating nerve pain in my legs, especially at night.  Went to an ER, where the doctor noted an absence of patellar reflexes. Was transferred to a local hospital,  where the staff neurologist DID NOT check my patellar reflexes and didn't want to talk about it being a possible reaction to the vaccine. Discharged home with a diagnosis of back strain.  Spent a week at home,  falling all the time,  eventually having to use a walker,  and still falling with the walker.  On Monday,  3/29, my uncle,  a retired pathologist,  suggested it could be a reaction to the vaccine and I needed to get in to see my doctor.  Was referred to the other area hospital,  was immediately admitted and started on IVIG treatments. Guillian-Barre diagnosis confirmed the next day via lumbar puncture.  Spent five days in hospital, discharged with drop foot, which resolved after several weeks of PT. Although I am 90% recovered,  I still deal with intermittent nerve pain in my feet and fatigue.

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