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Our Story

The #CanWeTalkAboutIt campaign is inspired by Brianne Dressen, who was injured during the Astra Zeneca trials. She suffered severe reactions and injuries to the shot that she's still fighting to heal. Her experience set her down the path to find the truth — and she quickly learned she wasn't alone as she connected with many others with similar stories as her own.


In spite of the silence surrounding vaccine injuries, Bri has built and brought together a huge network of individuals and founded React19, an organization which supports COVID-19 shot victims. The website and the #CanWeTalkAboutIt campaign aims to break the silence and start a dialogue about Covid-19 vaccine injury and death.


We bring together partner organizations, experts and individuals wanting solutions. We collaborate to fill the gaps in information and to support the vaccine injured: We're raising funds, increasing awareness, and investigating the impact of these injuries. And importantly, we're striving to find solutions for those still suffering through active research and the latest health protocols. 


We want to help by giving the vaccined injured their dignity and lives back.

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Millions of people worldwide have been injured



Help us support the COVID-19 vaccine injured with health solutions, financial support or whatever they need to get their lives back.

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