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Our Team
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Aga Wilson

Aga Wilson is a humanitarian expert, human rights advocate and a social entrepreneur. Her experience involves working as a global consultant and project manager on human rights, policy development, and international training for nonprofits, NGOs and the United Nations. She began her career at the United Nations HQ in New York working on development and post conflict settings. Her work within the non-profit sector also involved women's empowerment and reproductive health. Her ambition to inspire more collaboration and unity across sectors has led her to build successful partnerships, networks and campaigns worldwide. 


Aga holds a Master's of Political Science from Uppsala University, Sweden. She also worked as an adjunct professor at St. John's University teaching on media, communication and international relations. She is currently a news reporter for the Swedish media channel, News Voice and the Aga Wilson show, where she presents transparent and uncensored news. Becoming a mother and her interest in healthy living, led her to start her own non-toxic all organic skincare line, Urban Witches. She has been a practitioner of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and clean eating for over 15 years and has found it to be essential to everything she creates in life.

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Brianne Dressen

Brianne was injured by the Astra Zeneca covid vaccine in the clinical trials. Her injury turned her life upside down. Her life changed from being a healthy preschool teacher and mother of two young kids, to in and out of hospitals, ERs, and doctors visits.

After participating in research at the NIH and pleading with the FDA and CDC for a year without any substantive response, Dressen co-founded, a patient advocacy organization for Covid vaccine injured. Dressen’s support groups house over 19,000 injured. These support groups have been shut down multiple times, individuals coded as “misinformation”.

Brianne hopes to share her experience to shine a light on the real impact censorship has on those in her situation.

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Gloria Sharlein

Gloria was injured by her second Pfizer, resulting in menstrual irregularities, high blood pressure and heart palpitations – all new symptoms she never had before. After suffering for seven months with no care from local doctors, she saw “Covid-19: A Second Opinion." Afterward, she contacted and under the FLCCC protocols, her life began to get better.

Gloria is still on the road to recovery and continuing her treatments, detoxes, and supplements. She successfully helped to revoke employee vaccine mandates in her state, talks to groups of people to build awareness, and shares her experience with other vaccine injured people, building a space of support.

Gloria is a Christian, mother, and mathematician and hopes her journey will bring people together in a place of truth and understanding.

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Millions of people worldwide have been injured



Help us support the COVID-19 vaccine injured with health solutions, financial support or whatever they need to get their lives back.

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