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When I received the first vaccine in April of 2021 I never anticipated I would have any side effects. I remember being told to sit for 10 mins and once that had passed I thought “ok, cool.” But within two weeks to the day I would see something completely different happen to my body. I was a healthy active 43-year-old, I’ve had two children, my cycle had been winding down for the past few years. Light, short and on time. I knew everything to expect. I have endometriosis I suffered majority of my life so now that things had tapered off I was happier and feeling ready for it all to come to an end at some point soon. But then after the first vaccine that all changed. I was actually scared at what I was witnessing. I thought am I going to hemorrhage to death? How can it be an 8 hr pad would be drenched in an hour? It wasn’t just the flood, it was also the clotting. I can only remember passing one other clot in all my life. This was different. It was as if there were a million tiny clots, and the color, the constancy, the duration, everything was different. It was a horror show. I fear for the women who haven’t had their babies yet or who have other female or autoimmune issues as to what kind of havoc they will endure. 

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