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I received 2 doses of Pfizer vaccines in January 2021. On several days In March   2021 I started feeling ill. Then one day in March 2021 I started hyperventilating, vomiting, and had diarrhea. Then I started running fever. The next day my legs would not hold up my body. I could not walk. I was admitted to the hospital and placed on high dose steroids for a week.  I was diagnosed with Transverse myelitis.  I was affected from the waste down. I could not urinate and had to be catherized. I could not have a bowel movement.  After I went home, I could walk very unsteadily. As time went on, I had to walk with a cane.  Now I am walking with a walker.  I cannot walk without assistance. I am so weak that I cannot drive.  I haven’t been able to return to work for the past 2 months. I can urinate, but I still have no feeling or functioning muscles to have a bowel movement.  It is a struggle. I cannot go anywhere or do anything.  I am a Master Gardener, but I cannot work in my garden, because I cannot stand or sit or move around like I need to.  I used to be a healthy person. I also have lung issues. I am 69 years old and on absolutely no medications for anything.  My blood work is all normal. I have been to multiple doctors,  including 2 Neurologist and they can’t find anything wrong with me. I contacted a nurse with the FLCCC about 2 months ago and am following their protocol. I have seen no improvements yet.

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