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I collapsed and was paralysed along with symptoms of severe dysautonomia within 5minutes of `it.` Even though an ambulance was called at the site, no `mandatory` report was ever made. They told me it was just `anxiety` and after 10months still suffering, I finally have three medical certificates that state otherwise. I had to quit my job and stop working. I had to leave my apartment and giveaway all my belongings to move into a hostel.  I have been bedridden with POTS. I suffer chronic pain and random incorrect brain signals everyday like adrenaline surges and electrical impulses with twitching. I have been offered zero treatment.  My body is too sensitive for most foods and supplements let alone medication.  My nervous system is completely broken.  I have no one around me for support. I am too sick to fly back to my home country - where mandates are INSANE and inhumane even for those who are having these reactions.

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