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I foolishly took the AZ against my will. I never wanted any of the vaccines. This hurts the most as I betrayed every instinct I had. As soon as symptoms were showing I began a health regimen in the hope I’d heal as there was no info out there. I drank cider vinegar and honey each day, drank plant based teas, cut out coffee, forced myself to cycle, cold showers every day. Food is all plant based. Cut down on sugar. I also believe in energy healing- so I play a violin and used this as an energy/immune  booster. I paint and draw, and this helped boost my mood and energy. Getting out in nature, positive thinking, garden, flowers trees etc, and I was lucky to find friends who hadn’t taken the injection, and they’ve been so supportive. I also have a cat who was and is such a comfort. No one wants to know when you tell people - you know I’d take the virus any day over the vaccine, and go on to explain - they don’t want to know, they all follow the media. The NHS were phoning to ask why I’d not taken the second injection, how dare they, I told them my symptoms and they’ve never phoned me since. I will never trust, governments, doctors, certainly not pharma or media ever again. It’s made harder as I knew better than to take the injection, and allowed myself to be bullied by so called friends and busybodies at work. Sorry this is a ramble, but I’ve never spoken out, always keep myself to myself, but this has changed me. I have to try and pull the positives out.

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