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Had first vaccine and side effects just migraines. 2nd one was completely different within 2 days I was very ill, lost my hearing in left ear at first with headaches, migraines constantly. Over the next 2 weeks things got worse where I couldn't go to work, being self employed this was very stressful. I would forget what I had said to people it was a blur, having to write notes to remind me of things like if I had eaten that day or not. Waking up at night covered in sweat with chest pains constantly. Sleeping with air conditioning on and still being hot and overheated. I ended up having to leave the farm I was on as I was medically unfit and unable to run my business. Lost over $60k of income and still had expenses and costs like tax to pay. No help from anywhere or anyone. 3 months later I forced myself to go back to work. Have still not had any follow up nor seen a specialist or doctor past the initial 2 consults with GP. It's like I don't exist or too difficult. I still have scarring on my back from the rash.. I would not recommend this vaccine to anyone the risk and harm is not worth it.

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