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Nurse Joan

For over 20 years I have been nursing in hospitals and aged care areas of employment from 1970.
From 2015 I have been employed by several nursing Agencies working in Short 2-6 month contracts as clinical nurse manager, Covid vaccination team in central and south east/west Queensland, research nurse North Queensland, assessor trainer, specialised in rural remote aboriginal aged care Northern Territory and Queensland , New South Wales as clinical Care manager, Frontline Nurse Manager in aged care in Melbourne 2020. Have travelled throughout Australia for over the last 8 years managing aged care facilities. My supportive husband stays home looking after pets and mowing lawns. This allows me to live the dream life, nursing in remote areas. I was Living my Dream. See AUSTRALIA.
I live with my husband in Bundaberg for 45 years. We have 2 children. A 42 year old son lives in Miriam vale and my daughter with her family in Oslo, Norway. Last visited in 2019. Unlikely to travel due to health issues.

Since Pfizer vaccination injury 18/12/2021:
Healthcare Australia nursing had a mandatory vaccination for Covid 19 to all contracts renewable must show proof of vaccination before continuing to work for HCA agency.
Within 3 days of vaccination I had developed stronger and new symptoms. At the time I believed that long Covid perhaps was getting worse. New symptoms were Malaise, dyspnea, dizziness, unsteady walking, chest pain starting in mid to left chest to neck and throat, persistent cough plus blood pressure was high. Something I have never had. In January the chest pain was exacerbated with shortness of breath. Diagnosed by emergency doctor with pericarditis. Possibly from the Pfizer vaccination and verified by cardiologist a month later. At that time I believed I would be back working within a few weeks. By the end of February I had to cancel any offers of work without medical certification of my ability to work.
Every day is unpredictable, challenges me physically mentally emotionally, daily. I have chest pain from dull tightness to vice like grip, intermittent in afternoon and often severe pain at night for the last 15 months, increasing as time passes , extreme fatigue all day every day, resting up to 18 hours with approximately 4-6 hours of sleep nightly. Feelings of dying creep in, losing hope when the pain and fatigue continue. Lately morning chest pain, short of breath (dyspnea),intense tightness in chest, Malaise, insomnia due to pain discomfort, hypertension, nausea, swelling feet and ankles.
Changes to medication by my GP to better management of pain using Tramadol 1/5/23. Cardiologist recommended prednisone on 8/4/2023. Finished taking prednisone for 5 weeks on sliding scale with limited to no changes to pain. Tried physiotherapist on ‘heart start’ in 2022. Could only manage one hour or less per day weekly for 8 weeks as recovery was very painful after each session. Fatigue and lighted headed, dizzy, increased that affected ability with mobility after any mild exercise.
Use a wheelie walker (12 -14 months) to go anywhere as husband and family have assisted, drives me to shops and appointments. Resting is essential after all activities like short walks, showering, eating, outings, walking around garden. For showering, a shower chair and hand rail allow me to maintain independence.
House cleaner comes once weekly and my supportive husband cooks, cleans etc daily.
Should my condition improve to a normal functioning lifestyle, my aim is to return to work as Clinical Care Manager with a view to retire in 5 years.
I have yet to accept the way I live now. Everyday I wake up hoping the nightmare will be over.

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