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I’ve been suffering now for 13 months. About two weeks after my second dose I woke up with burning hands and feet that never resolved. After being tossed around the medical system and getting nowhere the burning spread throughout my body about four months later. Eventually I was diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy.
 To explain what that means, I do not have long fiber damage which causes weakness and motor skill deterioration. I have small fiber neuropathy which is responsible for your sense of touch and pain. This injury has left me with burning sensations throughout my body. It feels like I have a constant sunburn, at other times it feels like I have broken glass underneath my skin. It causes temperature dysregulation, so I can’t tell as easily if the water is too hot or cold. The sensations are all over my body but tend to travel around and intensify or lessen in certain areas throughout the day. It’s left me in chronic pain.  currently I’m not taking any medications for the pain because I’m not a big fan of being medicated, but I might consider in time.               
 I am however trialing IVIG to see if it might temper the immune mediated nature of my condition. I won’t know for certain if it’s working for another few months but so far I’ve had some promising results.

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