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Lyndsey Nicole House, RN

I was injured by my mandated jabs from my employer. I have also never had covid. It has hit every body system minus my lungs and taste or smell. It put me into cytokine storm invaded all 3 of my monocytes and activating 6/14 cytokines. My symptoms started two weeks after my vax. It started with hot flashes, rapid muscle mass loss, hypertension, persistent tachycardia, anxiety, & depression. I later developed adhd, ocd, ptsd, tremors, internal vibrations, neuropathy, paresthesia, Shingles, pots/dysautonomia, PEM, delay in hand grip & swallow, gi issues, bumps & rashes, tinnitus, dry mouth and eyes& MCAS, joint pain and swelling& muscle spasms. I used to play three sports in high school and college softball. Although it’s hit every system my humor and hope are still intact, and I believe we can beat this!!

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