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I received my first and only shot on March 13th, 2021. A week later I went to visit my parents. In the evening I got a really bad headache, and in the night I also got nauseous and vomited. I vomited for five days straight. My my called an abulance and the paramedics came and examined me. I was throwing up bile at this point. I later found out they also did a blood test which showed my platelets were way too low. They chose to ignore it. On March 27th I was lying in bed and couldn't sleep because my headache was just too bad. I turned around bed to get up and my left arm rolled forward over my body and it scared me, because it felt like it was someone else's arm. My mother walked in to check on me and started to panic because my mouth was drooping on the left. I know now I was having a stroke and my left side got paralyzed. My mom called an ambulance again. They rushed me to the hospital and did a CT scan, which showed a huge hemorrhagic stroke. They performed an emergency craniotomy and sucked out all the blood. It took them more than four hours to stop the bleeding because I had no platelets.  I was in the IC for a week or so. My official diagnosis is VITT because of Astrazeneca. I was in the hospital for a month. I learned how to walk again, but my arm and hand function are still bad. My hematologist said they could have prevented the stroke when I was in the hospital the first time. I'm still in rehab now in a clinic near me.

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