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I, Leigh-Ann Dale, of the City of Saskatoon in the Province of Saskatchewan. AFFIRM THAT:
1. May 3rd, 2021 at 10:20a.m. I received my First COVID-19 Vaccine (Pfizer – LOT – EY4825) at North Battleford Saskatchewan
2. My symptoms started 19 days after vaccination. Had I not been distracted with helping my son deal with is own vaccine injury I would’ve addressed it earlier.
3. On May 22nd I went to Lakeside medical Clinic complaining of a pain behind my left knee. I was dismissed as there was no swelling, redness or heat.
4. On May 26th, 2021 my son drove me to the hospital due to severe pain in the back of my leg that was so sore I couldn’t walk on it.
5. Once at the emergency room my blood was taken and my D Dimer was 101630 (Normal Range 0-500)
6. A Doppler ultrasound detected a 2.5 foot long DVT (Blood clot) in my left leg. No one that observed me had ever seen a clot of this magnitude.
7. I was taken by ambulance from City hospital to St. Pauls’ hospital to have it removed surgically. Due to the severity and risk of the clot being removed I was asked I wanted to sign a DNR.
8. A contrast CT done at the next hospital found pulmonary embolisms, which prevented the surgery from being done.
9. The surgeon indicated surgery was too dangerous to try and break up the clot as pieces were already starting to break off and lodge in my right lung.
10. I spent a week in the hospital on a heparin drip and 7 days after on tinzaperin injections and I am now on blood 

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