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I feared I would not be able to make a living if I did not get the vaccine. I am a single mom. I got the vaccine 8.24.2021 within 2 days I was horrifically I’ll and crippled from everything the Vax gave me.
I got COVID immediately after getting the vaccine.
I was in excruciating non stop pain. As if labor contractions were happening throughout my muscles from my sternum down to my feet. I could not move, walk, stand, I could not do anything for myself. I had to be carried and cared for. For months I became worse. I have been to countless doctors, chiropractor, acupuncture, clinical massage, pain specialists, neurologist, ER, rheumatologist, holistic & wellness practitioners, bloodwork, MRI’s, epidurals, TPPI, torydal shots, ultra sound, IV Chelation and so on. I’ve been on detoxing and reversibility protocols, I’ve done intense fasting and detoxing for months. When I got the jab I weighed about 100 pounds. After the Vax, I was so toxic and my body so inflamed, I gained around 35 pounds. I was so I’ll by December 2021, I was bed ridden for weeks and could not move from the unbearable pain. Months after fasting and detoxing I was down to around 85 pounds. I was so weak, vomiting, nauseous, diahhrea, severe headaches, my legs would collapse out from under me. It’s been 2 months since that. I’ve gained back about 5 pounds. I struggle to have an appetite. But I am off all pharmaceutical.

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