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Within 30 minutes after my second jab, I felt burning and itching on my scalp, shoulder and neck and down to my fingers. After a good amount of fluid left the jab site, I called Walmart pharmacy and was told it's normal and that the soreness in the arm would go away within a few days. For the next 11 months I've been stuck like a prisoner in my home... not able to leave because of the severity of the skin disorders. At one point I was sweeping my apartment twice a day and my bed once before getting in at night. After 2 biopsies, I was diagnosed with Lichenoid Dermatitis, Scalp Psoriasis, Inverse Psoriasis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Pilonidal Stress and other medical problems. From losing my hair from the plaque psoriasis to almost blind in my right eye from the plaques falling off my eyelids into my eyes. In January I was on the Stew Peters podcast and CVARS podcast and from that moment on I knew I was injured beyond 100% repair and decided to fight for not only myself, but the incredible community we've assembled. Eleven months later, I'm still testing and looking for answers. If not for the amazing people and complete strangers information, support and donations, I honestly feel I'd be in a far worse place or dead! But I'm not finished yet and there's so many more that are afraid or lost and need our help and voices! Remember, the silent are never heard... stay strong and shout your story!!!

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