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I received my first dose of Moderna in October, 2021. Two weeks later i started feeling dizzy with slight vertigo. A few nights later I woke up with a loud bang in my head with my heart pounding out of my chest and couldn't breathe properly. I got up and walked around the house tried watching TV to calm down however, the feeling wouldn't go away. Next day felt the same but gradually got worse. Started feeling disconnected to my body and shaking, like chills, very dizzy and constant panic attacks. This happened again the next night but I couldn't calm myself down so drive myself to the hospital where they admitted me immediately for tachycardia at 140. 

Once home my health continued to decline, I began having extreme leg tremors which made me unable to walk. I began having short term memory loss to the point of not being able to complete daily tasks. I had to stop my degree In Psychology as I had cognitive impairment and could not take in new information. My vision began to become blury and my eyes could no longer focus on objects. 

All tests have come back clear and Drs cannot tell me what is wrong with me. 

I have never been unwell mentally or physically like this before and I need answers. 

I have two young children that need me better 💜 

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