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I was forced to take Moderna as a result of a workplace mandate.  I was threatened with termination if I did not comply.  I did not give informed consent, and communicated that to my employer.  I was not satisfied with the safety profile nor the efficacy of the vaccines.
After my second dose of Moderna, I suffered a severe adverse reaction to the vaccine. As my symptoms started at work, I went to our Occupational Health and Safety Office. I was instructed to go to the ER. Over the course of the week, I returned to the ER, at two different hospitals, as the symptoms increased in severity, duration, and location. I was instructed to keep returning to the hospital if my symptoms changed or increased in intensity. The treatment team said it fit the profile of an adverse reaction.
I asked my doctor at the ER at if they were going to file an AEFI report. This seemed like a reasonable request, and was in fact, the law in Ontario ( One of the doctors said that he would not file an AEFI report. My employer instructed me on how to personally file a report. 
I filed my own report with Public Health. They also said my report was very detailed and professional, one of the best that they had seen. It contained useful data. My report was investigated thoroughly and approved. Subsequent to this, I have an ongoing complaint with the CPSO against the two of the doctors. 

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