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For seven months I suffered from Covid-19 vaccine injuries. My family and the doctors in my area did not believe me. In January 2022 I was watching Covid-19 a second opinion with senator Ron Johnson and after I reached out to myfreedoctor and asked if they could help me, and they did!! Under the FLCCC care plan I have not had one irregular menstrual cycle nor palpitation since treatment. Thank you Jesus! Thank you to all the doctors and scientist that are standing up and fighting for humanity. I have been speaking at university school board meetings and doing everything I can for change. I live in Nevada and most my family in California. Many still do not support me, but I continue to stand. Where there is risk there must be choice!!!
Update: Almost 2 years since I took that second poison jab, and my journey is helping those close to me stop taking jabs and heal. I have been through many natural therapies that all helped. Invited to the Health Summit Orlando, Florida I was able to meet other vaccine injured, renown doctors, and Jonathan Otto. Jonathan’s New Hope docuseries features the start of my healing journey where I have learned new therapies that are healing me completely seen in . Standing for Health freedom is so important leading me to speak in many states and continuing to do so for the future.
Support is something that means so much to me. You can leave a prayer, donation, and see my current events at
God is real and God is good, we can all heal!

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