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I got the shot on May 13, 2021 (worst day of my life). Within an hour I was tired and had horrific diarrhea. I went to sleep and woke up and felt an elephant on my chest. I also felt like acid was running from my left arm to my chest over and over and over. I took my temperature, and it was 106. I called the doctor saying what happened, and she was listing off side effects. I couldn’t talk, because she wouldn’t stop listing minor side effects, and I think she hung up on me. I just passed out and could only feel acid burning from my left arm to chest over and over and over, but I couldn’t move. All I felt was acid running in my body, but especially from my left arm to my chest. When I eventually woke up, I went to the doctor. The doctor did an EKG, and said I was fine. I went home, but soon after, I couldn’t breathe and went back to doctor. The doctor checked my breathing and chest said I likely had costochondritis/pericarditis (but not from the vaccine because no medical literature says that). She prescribed me naproxen which didn’t help. As time went on, I just got worse (couldn’t breathe well, heart palpitations, felt like I was on fire). Shortly after that, I got shingles, had horrible left side pain, blue hands and blue feet, couldn’t eat because it hurt so bad, horrific diarrhea, feeling that I was freezing in some areas and on fire in other areas. Overall, I struggled for a year with heart issues, lung issues, gut issues and overall inflammation issues. 

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