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I received the AstraZeneca vaccine April 23 2021.  I developed fever chills and hip bone pain next day.  I developed a bled under my skin and inflammation and rash on injection site. A few days later I felt a shutter almost earthquake like in my head.  This followed by dizziness and disassociation feeling  brain fog    I developed pins and needles that went up my arms and legs  a hand tremor and head tremor followed that   Bruising and petechie started and I spent 2 months in bed with extreme fatigue    I went to the ER several times only to be told I have anxiety. My family doctor received this report and yelled at me saying OMG you have anxiety and hung up on me.  I have seen neurologist, hematologist, rheumatologist  CANCOV covid clinic which diagnosed me with FND.  I was sent to a psychiatrist who prescribed me antidepressants and benzodiazepines.  I have since weaned myself off of these.  If it wasn’t for my constant research and fb support groups I don’t know where I would be today.  I found the flccc and a local doctor who was willing to help me.  I tried many therapies but it was the ivm that helped me turn the corner.  Unfortunately this doctor is now under investigation and may lose his license!!  I am still getting bruising and petechie to this day.  I’m shocked how so many of us have been gaslighted, ghosted and silienced.  I hope this helps us all to heal and be recognized. Thank you to all the doctors who have stood up, remained  solemn to the oath they took. 

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