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Death Elderly

My dad was elderly 88 however his religion was good food fresh air exercise and a positive attitude he was easily destined for the 90yo plus club. However the Queen of England told people they were selfish if they didn't vaccinate,  that age group listen to every word from our royal family. Within 3 weeks of his booster shot he had fallen (never before)  and suddenly didn't like the texture or taste of food (he loved food) very soon after the left side of his face dropped (I have pictures) his eye completely dropped. Under our health care system my dad was assigned a district nurse who organised a physio and a team of care givers from our local doctors surgery. None of the care staff monitored  his eating and brought up signing paperwork for end of life procedure more than they fed him it seemed.
We were not local however visited weekly , The doctors refused to visit my dad on 3 occasions from a senior district nurse. He was being starved to death in front of us and they refused to look at the very new and irregular problem with eating.  The doctor was there to visit my dad within 2 hours when we felt rushed and pushed into signing his end of life paperwork  
I am awaiting an official request for my dad's medicol records , I really need help with them and I don't know where to turn next in getting some advice either. I have matched many of his final ailments to symptoms of shingles. 

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