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On April 4,2022 my life changed for the worse. I received my 2nd Moderna booster. Prior to this I was a very healthy person walking my dog 4-5 miles a day. Now I cannot even walk him around the block. I was bedridden for May, June and July with terrible symptoms including no appetite, electrical shocks through my entire body, memory impairment and cognitive issues. I also had a feeling of impending doom. My skin felt like it was crawling. Today I still suffer from bad tinnitus 23/7 and have neuromuscular issues with my legs and gut. I have had MRI’s, EMG’s, EKG’s, CT scans of my entire body, autonomic function tests, SFN tests, bone marrow biopsy and enough blood work by every ologist you can imagine. I have been diagnosed with dis-autonomy and POTs.

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