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I received both my Pfizer vaccines last year in April 2021. after my first shot i immediately had an episode of tachycardia felt like my heart was wobbling in my chest, tunnel vision, and dizziness. I was told by the paramedics administering the vaccine that this was completely normal. After speaking with my PCP he gave me the green light to get the second shot. Fast Forward, to August 13 2021, i had my first cardiac arrhythmia while on a plane flying to Chicago for work. Since then i have been battling chest pain, cardiac arrhythmia, joint pain, nerve pain, gastro issues. i have had numerous ER, urgent care, cardiologist and regular doctors appointments. with no acknowledgement and no diagnosis of my injury. From September to January I was put through  an EKG (Abnormal early repolarization)  cardiac stress test, echocardiogram, 2x 30 day event monitors (showing a run 16 beats Non sustained V tach), Emergency Angioplasty, cardiac MRI, Cat Scans, 100s of blood tests. This injury has cost my my business (I used film weddings for a living and can no longer do it) close to $50k in medical bills for just testing and emergency room visits. I have put every penny i have saved toward my recovery 40 sessions of HBOT, Functional medicine doctor, FLCCC long hauler protocol, incelldx protocol and still to this day i am only 50-55% back to normal.

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