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I received the first Pfizer vaccine 12/23/20. I was previously healthy.

Within 30 minutes, my face started burning, my tongue felt numb, I had double vision and felt faint.

I called the paramedics. My blood pressure was 180/127. I started Benadryl and prednisone and contacted an allergist.

Within 24 hours, I became severely ill with agonizing burning pain in my face and over my entire body, numbness in my head, eyes, mouth and tongue, a tight constriction around my chest, tremors, twitching and internal vibrations, double vision, tinnitus, chest pains, pounding tachycardia, shortness of breath, adrenaline surges, dizziness and imbalance, hot and cold sensations, diarrhea, brain fog, anxiety, confusion, trouble speaking and trouble thinking. I had the smell of car exhaust in my nose. I had attacks of feeling like I was being electrocuted that would last for several hours. My entire body felt on fire and would vibrate. My head would become very numb and painful. I literally screamed in pain and felt like I was dying.

I went to bed for a week and barely ate. Eventually, I could sit in a chair or sofa but remain severely ill for many months with agonizing burning and numbness in my skin as well as all of the above symptoms. Bowel and bladder function slowed dramatically.

I was initially treated by an allergist for two weeks with high-dose prednisone and anti-histamines with no improvement.

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