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I was diagnosed with a rare T-cell lymphoma in February 2021, as a R.N. I felt very nervous to get the Jab knowing that my cancer is an immune system  cancer. In June I asked my oncologist if I should get the Jab.  If I didn't have asthma I wouldn't have even asked, but I was scared of ""covid"" due to having severe asthma issues over past 3 years in which I required prednisone.  Also, I have 2 sons who didn't believe in the severity of the ""virus"".  Anyways, the oncologist's response was, ""I'm telling ALL my patients to get it!"". I expressed concern and asked if she thought I'd be ok, having an immune cancer. Her reply was ""yes!"". I asked how far apart I needed to get the 2 jabs and she indicated, 3 weeks is adequate.  So, 1st Pfizer Jab June 7 & 2nd jab June 27th...3 weeks later. 2 weeks after 2nd shot, I developed severe pain in both feet, with shock-like pain shooting into toes.  A few weeks later my left lower leg went numb and I developed foot drop.  My vision also went from perfect to a complete fog over right eye within 3 weeks. I tried reaching out to oncologist on 3 occasions worried I had cancer in my eye...but no return call. My GP ordered a CT at my request to ensure the foot drop/neuropathy wasn't caused by a spinal issue. CT was done in July. He felt it wasn't my spine and when asked, cautiously agreed it might be the vax. He referred me to a neurologist and a ophthalmologist.  Still havent seen neurologist 1 yr later.  

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