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Vaccinations: 04/Oct/2021 Pfizer 1stdose; 13/Dec/2021 Pfizer 2nd dose

First shot:

-Paresthesia on left calf, tingling, numbness, pain wouldn’t let me sleep or wake me up at night.
-Vertigo: started after a week of vaccination, at first dizzy 24/7, then dizzy for 3 hours or so in morning, afternoon, and night. Pretty much all day but with some breaks.  Going to any store or open area would trigger it. I was afraid to go anywhere.  I had never been dizzy in my life prior to this.
-Horrible headaches that wouldn’t go away with regular Tylenol or Advil. It would just continue for days, accompanied by throbbing pulsating sensations on my temples, nerve pain was starting but I did no know what it was. It seemed like bus crawling in my brain.
-Entire body malaise, had to remain in bed for many weeks, couldn’t walk more than a block, going up the stairs would make my heart pump as if I had run a marathon.
-Couldn’t stand lights and noise.
-Fear, anxiety, every night I was ready to die. I would kiss my 3 kids wishing they would have a mom for a bit longer. Prayed to be able to see them grow up.

Second Shot:

-Really bad nausea and gut sensitivity for about 2 months.
-Nerve pain mostly in my head around temples, eyes, sinus, teeth.  Feeling of electricity, zaps, magnetism around my sinuses and nose.
-Headaches, constant pressure on temples, ice pick headaches episodes of stubbing in the back of my head, and neck.
-Tremor episodes that would be triggered by light, noise, fear, happiness, my kids playing.
-Twitching of eyes, lips, cheeks, muscles on legs, inside brain twitching.
-Blurry vision inability to focus my eyes.
-Very bad brain fog, and inverting words.  Short-term memory loss
-Pain and burning inside ear canal, blocked ears, painful and swollen lymph nodes behind ears
-Burning sensations: inside brain, ears, blood, tongue, eyes.
-Loss of hair
-Chest pains

One year post vaccine, some symptoms have gone away, but others remain. I am still battling this horrible experience, but I have found my hope in Christ and I continue on my path to full recovery.

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