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I had a reaction within 15 minutes of getting my 2nd Pfizer shot. My limbs went ice cold, I felt drunk and short of breath. That night I drove myself to the hospital. I had tachycardia but was told it was anxiety. I ended up bed ridden on and off for over a year and would get jolted away by what felt like surges going through my body and wasn't able to get more than 3 to 4 hours sleep a night. Many doctors appointments, hospital visits, etc. I was misdiagnosed with Addisons disease, and given anxiety meds and metropolol to help with the tachycardia. Eventually, the meds bottomed out my blood pressure and I almost died. I searched endlessly for answers online. After the local hospital tried to give me Xanax to help my "anxiety" when my heart rate was 200, my husband drove me to Stanford hospital. Stanford suspected myocarditis, however my MRI was clear and my symptoms raged on. In December (10 months since initial reaction) I acquired new symptoms: dry eyes, dry mouth & tinnitis, which turned out to be Sjogrens. I was also diagnosed with POTS. So, I started off with zero doctors or health issues and now have a neurologist, cardiologist, rheumatologist, and an eye doctor. I also now have to take hydroxychloriquine, atenolol, midodrine, salt tabs, drink a gallon of water a day with liquid IV, vitamin D and magnesium. All of this medication, and I feel sick every minute of every day. The brain fog is still there and I am a sliver of the mother and woman I was.

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