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Within 12 hours, I had severe (to the point where it felt like I had a bullet in my arm) arm pain that eventually traveled down to my armpit, my ribs, my breast, and my chest. 24 hours after the injection, I developed a fever of 101.9- but that passed quickly. My first of nine emergency room visits (to date) was on 12/17/21, when the chest pain started getting more pronounced. The ER doctor at the time wrote it off as muscular pain and I agreed with him.

On 12/19, I was back at the ER with severe chest pain. I felt like I was having a heart attack. I was admitted and spent the night on the cardiology floor while the monitored my condition. My troponin levels never elevated, so I was sent home the next afternoon.

A few days later I was rushed back to the ER by ambulance, because the chest pain was now accompanied by a racing heart. Doctors told me there was nothing further they could do for me- my test results were normal and I would need to wait until I could follow up with my cardiologist.

I went home, took a moderately high dose of NSAIDs every eight hours and waited to see my cardiologist a few days after Christmas.

The cardiologist diagnosed me with pericarditis, stating that he had seen cases like mine and "this was the reason he didn't recommend the booster for people my age". I began taking Colchicine .6mg every 12 hours.

Just before New Years, I developed a new symptom: a burning pain in my legs and cramping feeling in my calf.

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