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Carissa P.

Shot Date: Sept 8 2021, Moderna.
After being administered the first and only Covid vaccine. My hands and feet went numb, ear ringing, my heart was racing, and sweating after driving home from the pharmacy that provided it.
A day went by and I was feeling the same, went to the Northumberland Hills Hospital ER in Cobourg, they took me in right away, randomly gave me a sedative for an unknown reason and treated me like a potential heart attack patient. I was really calm during this time and slept mostly. Hours went by and my heart rate wouldn't go under 145 even on a sedative. Because there was no evidence of a heart attack they said it was anxiety and brushed it off. However, they gave me a referral for a cardiologist to check for Myocarditis and sent me home. Damage was ruled out during an Echocardiogram that was done weeks and weeks later so I would have been dead waiting the Echo test if it had been heart damage.
Then it really gets juicy: Numbness, chest pains, ear ringing, extreme fatigue, sweating….within 14 days it turns into nausea, vomiting everyday, passing out, unable to breath without any symptoms of flu or cough. Then it turned into dizziness, extreme memory loss. I am certain oxygen was not getting to my brain. This went on for about 5 months every single day and I had to go to work only 3 days a week for about 7 months. Looking back, I don’t even know how I got myself to work, partly functioning and didn’t get into a car accident. I lost 20 pounds during the worst of it. I tried taking vitamins/detox supplements during that time and some I couldn’t take at all because I was vomiting them up for months. I only went to the ER twice during that time because I figured I was going to die in my sleep anyway and lockdown protocols were in place. Doctors were trying to say I had Covid. The cardiologist brushed me off after I said I tried taking the metoprolol to lessen my heart rate but It was dipping my blood pressure to low and I was sleepy, obviously over sensitive to that type of medication.
My periods ended up getting heavy with tons of blood clots and I was diagnosed with a uterine polyp during an ER visit that was surgically removed May 2022.
I ended up finding a friendly family doctor that was willing to work to find a diagnosis but she won’t agree that I am vaccine injured at all. I did finally end up getting an MRI which reveals some very minor brain damage but from what they couldn’t tell me.
Well over a year out now and my health improved slightly but turned into an illness that goes undiagnosed because it doesn’t exist. Some days I wake up fine and almost back to my old self and then other days I get symptoms together of fever, passing out while standing, beyond extreme fatigue, blurry vision, memory loss, forgetting words, loss of fine motor skills. I just have to sleep off these symptoms which can last anywhere from 24hours to 4 days in a row and than I all of a sudden, I get better. Most days I am dizzy, winded, can get disoriented easily and forgetful therefore it is really hard to hold down a job. Whereas before I could work 6 days a week and I did.
I assume because I can’t work very often that I will soon file for bankruptcy. Still working with a family doctor to diagnosis this problem, but really the only option is to go on ODSP for an income which I refuse to do. The only thing that relieves the dizziness symptoms is Vit D, Potassium pills, Chlorella tablets and Advils. Last summer the episodes were getting better but I still can not exercise. From December January 2023 the episodes are getting more frequent therefore the doctor has sent me to a Neurologist which is all basically smoke and mirrors because I’m not getting any better so it doesn’t matter what they diagnose at this point. I am just focusing on working and budgeting.

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