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Brianne is a previously healthy preschool teacher and mother of two young children. She was so confident in the Covid Vaccines that she enrolled in the clinical trial for Astra Zeneca in the United States. Her reaction began within an hour and soon has overtaken every function in her body. She has incurred over $300,000 in medical expenses in less than one year. After 4 ER visits, 2 hospital stays, and over 56 office visits, she is still searching for answers. This search led her to the NIH to participate in research and treatment for this reaction. After being misdiagnosed with anxiety, she tested positive for neuropathy, sensory neuropathy, tinnitus, short term memory loss, and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. After pleading with the federal agencies for months without any substantial response, she united with more like her and co-founded, a patient advocacy organization dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding behind what is happening with these reactions.  Her days that once were filled with supporting and caring for others, have now been replaced with others supporting and caring for her. She still sees the value in the Covid vaccines and has encouraged her family to get it. She also believes that adverse events should be appropriately addressed.

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