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My name is Andre Cherry. I’m 22 years old, and I’m just your average guy. I love my family, my community, my church, my friends. I’m a man of faith, an artist, a musician and a philosopher. I’m a nerd, a reader, an author, a student. I’m those things and so much more, but I can’t do most of those things anymore because I was injured by Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine. 

The symptoms I have been experiencing after taking the vaccine are scary, intense, and debilitating. Virtually every muscle of my body is affected by them. From my head to my feet I can experience involuntary contortions, spasms, tremors, rigidity and paralysis for hours on end. I now own a wheelchair, a handicap placard and several items of safety equipment - including a helmet - to ensure that I don’t injure myself during a sympomatic episode. Because of all this, I’ve lost my autonomy and independence, and need almost constant supervision and care from my family to maintain my health and safety. I can’t reliably take classes, hold down a job, or even leave my home by myself. My life has been put on hold.

For ten long, difficult months, I and my family have been relentlessly pursuing diagnosis and treatment of my condition. At almost every turn, our efforts have been met with apathy, derision, dishonesty and neglect. Basic tests have taken weeks, or even months to secure, and even now I don’t have any definitive answers or a cogent plan for treatment.

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