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Alicia C

On Aug 15,2021 I received my phizer vaccine and I was basically bedridden by Sept 22, 2021
My first reactions were with in 24 hour with a sharp pain up left arm into left neck and Then into left ear. Then started getting Covid like symptoms but tested negative every single time. I had weird and painful rashes that doctors could not figure out or get rid of. I had head pressure so severe and inflammation everywhere . I loss my vision temporarily and eye doc said it was from the ocular blood flow getting cut off. Many doctors would not treat me and flat out mocked me in the beginning. I had problems with my legs and today still have problems walking. I had vertigo and my throat swelled up so much I was choking on my own through. After an endo scope they found lots of inflammation lesions and sores in esophagus and then ulcer in my stomach with lots of inflammation as well. The list is long with things that went wrong with my body. It’s been almost 2 years now since I’ve been able to work.

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